Saturday, January 14, 2012

Formula moms chill, it's cool

I chose breastfeeding.  I chose breastfeeding.  I felt it was the best for my family.  It wasn't easy and it was something I had to fight for.  Thankfully I had a lot of support in my family.

When I talk about my breastfeeding and why I chose to breastfeeding I'm not judging you.  Sometimes I hate breastfeeding.  Sometimes I hate that it dictates my schedule and how Ella can pick some pretty inconvenient times to decide that she's hungry.  I've been late to appointments or had to nurse in the van.  Ella gets distracted easily so I have to find the most private place I can find or she's watching what's going on instead of eating.

However, for me nursing is the best answer.  I don't get more dishes on top of the mountain of dishes I already have to wash.  I don't have to worry about trying to make sure a bottle is just the right temp in the middle of the night because thanks to the age gap with my children I don't get naps during the day.

However it was my choice.  My decision for my children.  It's worked out for me thankfully.  I will still say that breast is best though.  Breast is best if you can do it.  I did formula with my son though.  It wouldn't make any sense for me to judge others for a choice that I've already made.  It just wasn't something I wanted to do again.  I was lacking sleep so badly with my son that I ended up getting sick.  I couldn't imagine doing it with two.  On top of that formula is expensive.  So, I made the best choice I could for my family.

Besides isn't there enough mommy judging going on already?

Saturday, December 3, 2011


I used to joke that because my pregnancy and subsequent delivery of my son was so difficult that if he hadn't been my first he would have been my last.

Well, with the delivery of my last baby I have a new tune.  If she had been my first, she would have been my last.

Don't get me wrong.  I love her a lot and she's a great joy in my life.

However she is so much needier than her older siblings were.  I joke that she's in such a hurry to walk because it'll make it easier to chase me into other rooms.  I can't parent her like I did my older two.  I am not a clingy, huggy person, and really like my personal space.  Which according to Ella, my personal space is her personal space.  It's very wearing and when I have two other children to attend to it's even more wearing.

However, I did not make her this way.  Believe it or not babies really do have their own personalities.  They're going to change over the years, but no two baby is the same.  Which is why there are so many parenting techniques out there.  Different babies have different needs.

So, the next person that "corrects" me when I say Ella needs me more is gonna get the brunt of my fury because it's getting old.

*ramblings brought to you by a mother that has spent most her morning listening to a baby scream because she was trying to get chores done and can't do them holding the baby*

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to the Veterans I love.

My dad circa 1989

I don't have one of Greg in uniform, but he got into the military before he even graduated and this was his graduation picture.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Very late post - BebeMellons review

I promised that I'd make this post...a week ago at the least.  I'm sorry.

I recently was able purchased some fitted diapers from Mary-Ellen Clark of BebeMellons.  So, this review is something I'm doing as a favor because it makes me sad that not that many people know about her diapers.  They're really nice and really well made.  She definitely puts a lot of effort into making a good product.

My girls have worn them with and with out covers.  They worked very well both ways.  I would save the coverless wearing for during the day of course, but it's definitely doable if you're worried about things like heat rashes.

I will have to take more pictures tonight, but they do fit both children very well.  Both diapers were highly absorbent even though I started using them before I did the 5 hot washes that she recommends.

I do have one issue with them, but it's not with the diaper itself.  It's with the covers I have.  For overnight you might want to stick with fleece longies or wool longies.  Right now all I have are flip covers and Grovia shells.  They do not do a very good job of covering the whole diaper.  It works well enough to where I can fudge it, but I'd love more coverage.  This is because of all the layers of fabric she uses.  Though the layers of fabric are a plus to me.  I just hadn't gotten around to getting any longies yet.

I think they're definitely worth the money you pay as you can use the doubler on an infant with an infant sized cover.  They're just a good investment as far as I'm concerned.

I will say again that this is my opinion.  I am not being paid to say this.  I wish I could give away one of her diapers because they're just that awesome.  I think everyone should have at least one of her fitted diapers, but it's not in the budget for me to be generous like that right now.  So, please go buy one of her diapers.  Trust me when I say you won't regret it.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not blogging lately

I've been innactive with my blog lately.  I've been distracted by bigger issues.

Greg and I are in deeper money issues than I've wanted to lead on.  We're having to come up with a lot of money fairly soon or we risk losing the house.  It's not something I wanted to talk about because talking about it meant dealing with it.  It's such a big thing.  I'm looking for a job in hopes to keep this from happening.  I'm also putting off my trip.  I need the house more than I need to go to PA.

So, if I don't post on my blog that's why.  I'm just really worried about other things.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011